Tradition & dynamics

Tradition & dynamics

Excellent wine is the product of good soil, tried and tested know-how as well as creative oenological visions. These are the roots for any further refinement.

The winery's traditional foundations

von Ernst Huber

Ernst Huber, who, together with his wife Gerti newly interpreted the concept of the Viennese “Heurigen” in the 1970s, laid the vineyard’s traditional foundation. Thanks to its versatile premises and idyllic garden, the ‘Fuhrgassl-Huber’ soon became a trademark of the typical ‘Viennese congeniality’ – as autochtonous as the Viennese wine itself. 

The wines reach from classical light varieties to full-bodied wines from Vienna's best vineyards. 

Grandfather Ernst Huber is an invaluable advisor to the young vintner Thomas Huber. He knows the Viennese vineyards like the back of his hand and has planted many of vines more than 30 years ago himself.




Commitment to the local wine culture

Thomas Huber

The familial commitment to the local wine culture is held up by grandson Thomas Huber with technical competence and enthusiasmHe won gold in the category ‘kräftiger Gemischter Satz 2011’, leading the way into the future: Producing typical wines of the region with high qualitative aspirations, but at the same time without losing the required balance of natural ingredients and modern technology.


Weingut Fuhrgassl-Huber

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