Terroir & sites

Terroir & sites

The vineyard covers 31 hectares in Vienna’s 19th district, 26 of which are situated in Neustift am Walde, while the remaining five are in Nussberg and Grinzing.

The vineyards in Neustift are exposed to the cool climate of the Wienerwald, which, in combination with the low lime content and the high, rocky silt content causes a slower ripening process of the grapes (two to three weeks slower than in Nussberg). This makes for a vibrant wine with a clear acidity structure ...

Die Neustifter Lage


At 17 heactares, the ‘Mitterberg’ in Neustift is among Vienna’s biggest continuous vineyards.

On the other hand, the Fuhrgassl-Huber wines from the Nussberg area, where shelly limestone and limestone weathering are dominant, present a multi-layered character rich in minerals. The Rheinriesling and Traminer grown at the ‘Preussen’ site are rich in minerals and impress with a full body that is dominated by a multi-layered bouquet and moderate acidity.

Ried Preussen, Obere Schoß, Burgstall, Platte, Gollin; Grinzing sites: Schenkenberg; Sievering sites: Hackenberg, Reisser



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